My videos are studies of people and place. They are multi-layered rhythmic montages of sounds, voices, images and narratives, the product of wandering, chance encounters and observations, combined with a considered editing process.

I film on the banks of the Thames. The works are concerned with memory, time, transience, nature, history, change and continuity. These themes are expressed through content ¬– stories, recollections and characters; footage charting the passage of time and tides; and locations rich in historical and poetic association such as forts, wrecks and the river itself. Meaning is also conveyed through the structure of the films – the way in which stories are interwoven with footage and sound, sonic patterns and rhythms.

‘And indeed nothing is easier...than to evoke the great spirit of the past upon the lower reaches of the Thames.’ (Joseph Conrad) Rivers were associated with death, rebirth, memory and oblivion in classical literature and religious texts.

I am interested in human interaction with the landscape. This leads me to record the experiences of people in an area. I seek to create a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory portrait of the landscape encompassing sight, sound, memory, time, history, human experience and space.